Ultimate Chicken Horse Patch, Cyber-Fabio, and CleverBaby

Today we launched a patch for Ultimate Chicken Horse, which included a bunch of bug fixes that we’ve been working on for a little while. This included some bugs that led to people getting 0:00 times in Challenge Mode, issues involving placement of items in Free Play mode, and solving the unlock problems that some people were seeing in Online play. It also included the audio bug where you could mute everything except the doomsday lava and meteors, because apparently even natural disasters should be able to be muted. You can see the full patch notes here.

This patch is out on all platforms, and it was actually out on XboxOne last week by accident. Oops! We needed to make sure to update all platforms at once to ensure that cross-play still worked between PC-Switch and PC-PS4, and since we don’t have cross-play for XboxOne it didn’t actually affect the players (except for getting you bug fixes early!).

We’ve also got a new AskClevEndeav video! Eve and Ben answer some of your most important questions:

Some new prototypes are in the works, and while we won’t give any information about what they are now, they’re going well and getting closer to playable prototypes that can be analyzed (internally, sorry) and brainstormed on. We’re working on four projects at once and we’re only 6 people working on them, so each of them is moving at a slow but steady pace. More updates soon!

At the same time as working on new stuff, we’ve been making sure to prioritize learning while we experiment. This includes Fabio working in VR using a 3D painting software called Quill, along with some other VR software. We call him Cyber-Fabio now. Below you can see the new Fabio and one of the animations he did with Quill.

2019-06-20 CyberFabio.jpg

And saving the best for last (no offense Cyber-Fabio)… The first CleverBaby has arrived! Huge congrats to Kyler and his wife Jackie on their first child, Theo! Here’s a picture of them being insanely cute together. And a picture of their Ultimate Chicken Horse counterparts; Kyler is the voice for the Chicken and Jackie was the Kickstarter backer who designed the punching plant in the game!

2019-06-19 Baby_Flower_Chicken.png
2019-06-19 KylerJackieTHeo.jpg

We're super happy for them and for this addition to their family! Apparently Theo already has some video game knowledge, napping on his father while he (Kyler, not Theo) plays Overwatch.

That’s all for this month, keep in touch and we’ll keep you informed!

The CleverDevs + CleverBaby (or, if you prefer, Devs ’n’ Beb)

Toornament, Social Milestones, and Transformidable Levels

Hello Ultimate Animals!

This past month has been delightfully busy with Ultimate Chicken Horse community moments and milestones.

First off, the game is now on Toornament! It is a platform where fans can organize and participate in – you guessed it – friendly tournaments. We’re super excited to see if this can help us nurture and grow the competitive side of our community.

2019-05-14 UCH on Toornament.png

Next up is the myriad social media milestones we recently achieved. We’re incredibly proud of how much our community has grown and flourished in the past years, and we wanted to thank you for that by having Fabio put together some amazing artwork!

Fun fact: though the ‘600’ illustration was done not so long ago, we’re already at almost 700 followers on Instagram. This may or may not be due to an unspeakable meme image involving Sonic’s unsettling humanlike toothy mouth on the blue variant of the Red Panda reskin.

Last but not least, Gen has been making some extra effort to showcase the countless user-made levels you have been sharing with us. Since the start of April, there are now 5 newly featured levels in LevelNET every Friday, instead of 15 every month.

In addition to that, we dedicated our latest vlog to highlighting some truly Transformidable Party levels with fun sets of Modifiers. It’s a completely new video formula for us, so we’d be curious to hear if you have any thoughts or comments to share with us.

That’s all the news we have for now! As we’ve mentioned before, we are in the very early stages of working on things that are not Ultimate Chicken Horse, and we’re still mostly learning new tricks, so there’s no hot scoop on that front. But because we like you very much, we thought we’d give you this offering of a scene that Fabio made in his endeavour to learn how to produce 3D art in Blender.

Here’s me telling you to *absolutely not* read into this, and here’s you undoubtedly making all sorts of inferences on what this could mean for the future of Clever Endeavour Games. That should keep y’all busy for a month. 😉

Until next time!

The Clever Devs

Answering Your Questions, GDC Talk, and Being Big in Japan!

Hello people of ClevEndeavia! (we really need to start finding new ways to address you…)

The AskClevEndeav videos are back! It’s been a little while since we did one of these, and Kyler and Alex stepped up to the plate to answer some of your questions. Bonus: this one was recorded in a room that isn’t super echo-ey, and the thumbnail is just fantastic.

In our blog post last month, we talked about our experience at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. While there, Rich gave a talk, and he wrote an article about the talk with the worksheet that was handed out during the session. If you have access to the GDC Vault, you can watch the talk here, unfortunately you need to have a pass from GDC to see it though. If you want to read Rich’s article, you can find that here on Gamasutra.

Also, we’re big in Japan! It seems that the Nintendo Switch community in Japan really loves us. We were voted the top ranked game by players in Japan in March (for digital-only).

We had a video from some big YouTubers on the official Nintendo Japan channel, which you can see below. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, it’s pretty cool.

So what’s been going on with Clever Endeavour in terms of game development (that is what we do right)? Well, we’ve been working on a few different projects, we’re at the very very early stages of creating prototypes that we will try to pitch internally to the team and see what interests people. There’s a wide range of ideas and genres, and we’re not set on any one type of game specifically. We’re going to try to come up with some stellar ideas that stand out above the rest, develop them a little and see what happens. It’s an exciting time here, but unfortunately we can’t share too much about this because we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you soon!

Much love,
The Clever Endeavour Crew