Company Info

Clever Endeavour Games is a dynamic young team of six people, each bringing our unique skill set and experience to the table to create amazing games. We are committed to making games with a focus on unique mechanics rather than basing ourselves on pre-existing genres, and we want to create games that bring people together. We started work on Ultimate Chicken Horse as a game jam game in September 2014, and have been working on it ever since.

Richard Atlas

Chief Executive Officer, Business Development, Game Design
Richard's job is to make sure everyone else has an easy time doing their jobs. He takes care of any admin and business stuff, and helps out with game design and marketing as well. Coming from an engineering and business background, he balances the CEO work with the creative game development work.

Alex Attar

Chief Technology Officer, Lead Programmer
Alex has spent his life learning what makes games tick with the purpose of being able to create them for a living. He is always reading and learning new interesting techniques to apply his technical knowledge to game development to help create interesting games.

Kyler Kelly

Chief Creative Officer, Art Director, Lead Artist & Animator
Kyler is a physics nerd, wrapped in an artist, stuffed inside an animator and coated in game developer. He acts as the glue between art and programming, trying to guide the production to launch.

Ben Grob

Programmer & Game Designer
Ben loves voxels, physics simulations, (good) UI layout engines, and long walks on the beach. When he's not busy reminding everyone that UFOs probably exist, he can usually be found at his desk, h4x0ring away.

Fabio Grisi

Fabio does Art, Animation, Concept Creation, Video Editing and all sorts of other things.  He applied to work at Clever Endeavour with an amazing application video which tells his story quite well.

Geneviève "Eve" Leblanc

Community Manager & QA
Eve is the bridge between Clever Endeavour and our community of players and fans. She tends to all things related to social media and online presence, hanging out with our audience and playtesters. Always the perfectionist, she then methodically breaks our game and documents how, so that we can fix and polish it.