Company Info

Clever Endeavour Games is a dynamic young team of five people, each bringing our unique skill set and experience to the table to create amazing games. We are committed to making games with a focus on unique mechanics rather than basing ourselves on pre-existing genres, and we want to create games that bring people together. We started work on Ultimate Chicken Horse as a game jam game in September 2014, and have been working on it ever since.

Richard Atlas

Chief Executive Officer, Business Development, Game Design
Richard is a passionate young game designer, with experience in design and project management. Coming from an engineering and business background, he tries to understand the business, marketing and PR side of the industry and is in the process of building a large network in the gaming world. He's also learning about project management, game design, accounting, legal, and other businessey stuff.

Alex Attar

Chief Technology Officer, Lead Programmer
Alex has spent his life learning what makes games tick with the purpose of being able to create them for a living. He is always reading and learning new interesting techniques to apply his technical knowledge to game development to help create interesting games.

Kyler Kelly

Chief Creative Officer, Art Director, Lead Artist & Animator
Kyler is a 2D and 3D animator who has worked in a huge variety of mediums: from hand-drawn pencil on paper, to stop motion puppet, to CGI and 3D. In the last few years he’s become fully engaged in game making and deeply enjoys finding ways to bring different art techniques to life in games.