Hello Ultimate Animals!

We are extremely happy to have launched Ultimate Chicken Horse on Nintendo Switch™, and really excited that you are all getting to play and enjoy it.

Unfortunately, some bugs exist in the current version of the game (1.5.056):

  • Sometimes the game crashes when loading scenes, especially online

  • Some question marks don't become unlock boxes in the level

  • Some new level unlock boxes never seem to appear

  • Some languages seem to make the game less stable than other languages

We are working very hard to fix all of these problems and will release a patch as soon as possible. The solution to the crashes seems to require a big upgrade to our game engine, and thus requires significant testing before we can send it for certification.

Temporary workaround solution

If you'd like to unlock all content in the game, there is a cheat available: press X X Y Y X X R while in the treehouse to unlock everything.

As well, we suspect that the following languages are less prone to crashing:

  • English

  • French

  • Russian

  • Chinese simplified

  • Chinese traditional

  • Japanese

  • Polish

  • Swedish

There is a small patch coming very soon (version 1.5.061), however, it doesn't solve the above problems. Here's what it does contain:

  • Improved network connectivity and less network error messages when you start up the game

  • Kicked players are blocked from rejoining the same lobby

  • Prevent glue from being placed in illegal places

  • Better graphics resolution in some levels

  • Performance improvement for Mainframe level

  • Improved visibility of industrial fan particle effect

  • Other behind the scenes improvements

We are very sorry for the inconvenience the aforementioned bugs and crashes have caused, and we are committed to fixing these problems as soon as possible.

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To change the language:


We are working on a patch to the game to resolve this problem, and will work with Nintendo to get it through the update process as quickly as possible. We will update this page with a time estimate when we have one.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience. If you experience any other issues with the game, please let us know at support@clevendeav.com

We hope you can still enjoy the game and have fun!
The Clever Endeavour Team <3