Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a controller to play?

While it's preferred, you don't need it. You can play with a keyboard, and you can even play in shared controller mode if you only have one device but still want to play multiplayer.

Is there online multiplayer or is it just local?


I have suggestions to make the game better! 

Great! Please see our Steam suggestion thread, we read it all even if we don't respond to each post.

Getting a pink screen

This is usually a problem with a computer not meeting the minimum specs for the game (scroll down on the Steam page to find minimum specs). Try updating your graphics drivers, and if that doesn't work, please send us an email at

Is there a DRM-free version of the game?

Our game uses Steam to update to the latest version and to play online, so it can only be played via Steam if you're on PC, Mac or Linux. We have no additional DRM on the game, so the only DRM to speak of is Steam.

Will there ever be new characters? Maps? Blocks? Game modes?

We added a big content update when the game came out on console in December 2017. If the community stays alive and the demand is there, we plan to continue creating more content.

When is the game coming out on Switch?

As soon as we can in 2018, we need to go through the certification process still.

Will there be cross-play?

There's cross-play between PS4 and PC, but not between XboxOne and PC. This is due to security restrictions that Microsoft has about networked play, and with the way our game works and the game engine we use, they won't allow cross-play.

Can I stream your game on my YouTube channel? Can I get a key?

Yes you can, it's on our policies page. If you want to request a Steam key for the game, please email and MAKE SURE that your email is VERIFIABLE on your YouTube "about" page, Twitch profile or Twitter. We don't send keys if the email can't be confirmed, and we don't do large giveaways even if the email is verified.

What are you working on next?

Not sure yet, there's still a lot to do on this game and while we've started thinking about next projects, we don't have anything set yet.

For more info about policies, click here. To contact support, click here.