Ultimate Chicken Horse Custom Rule Presets

Did you know you can now save Presets of rules, points, and block probabilities? That way, once you've found the perfect combination, you can save it forever! We have included some pre-made rulesets with the Chimply Amazing Patch: Race, Parkour, Limitless, and more. The team favorite is Ultimate Loser: there are no points for winning, and coming 4th is best, 3rd is second best, 2nd is third best, and 1st is the worst!

But we'd like to see what YOU can come up with, so we’re running a contest!

To change the rules of the game, go to the u-Pad menu and go to “Rules”, as shown below. From there you can change all sorts of things from which blocks show up to how many pieces are placed per round, from super high coin points to only getting points for winning.



Make an original Preset of rules that is fun to play! Name it, give it a short description, and tweet screenshots of the rules (as shown below) to our Twitter account (@ClevEndeavGames)! The winner will be chosen based on the developers playing the game mode and seeing what’s the most fun!


We’re giving away a Monkey t-shirt from Ultimate Chicken Horse for the winner of the contest!

Example preset:

Description: Your standard Ultimate Chicken Horse game, but with higher trap points and you can ONLY PLACE SAWS.