Richard Atlas
Chief Executive Officer

Rich takes care of business, just like in the song. He handles marketing / PR, community management, and does some design as well.


Kyler Kelly
Chief Creative Officer

Kyler is the lead artist, and helps out with coding as well. He makes games pretty and ensures that they're as functional as they are beautiful.


Alex Attar
Chief Technology Officer

Alex is the lead programmer and handles everything that computes. He makes computers turn text into lovely games.

Ben Grob
Programmer Extraordinaire

Ben is a programmer who uses wizard-like skills to create new systems, fix broken things, and squash bugs.



Fabio Grisi
Artist / Animator

Fabio is an artist who does illustration, animation, video work, promotional drawings and much more. 

Fabio's Art Station Page


Geneviève Leblanc
Community Manager / QA

Geneviève is front-lines and the backbone of the Clever Endeavour community, and helps to point out when our games are totally broken.



Past Employees and Contractors


Kate Gray
Community Manager


Louis Sciannamblo
2D Artist