The Clever Endeavour team has been working hard since the Elephantastic Update to bring you a ton of new content, some important improvements and bug fixes, and the brand new Chimply Amazing Update for Nintendo Switch and all platforms. Since our launch on PS4 and XboxOne with the major update last winter, we've been fixing, tinkering, tweaking, and changing things not only to be able to launch on Nintendo Switch, but also to bring all players a better Ultimate Chicken Horse experience.

Major Features

Nintendo Switch support!

Yes, Nintendo Switch support! The animals have finally decided that it was time to share their game with the world on the Nintendo Switch, and have been hearing the demand for it since the Switch itself was announced. It's here, and with PC-Switch cross-play!

2018-08-03 Switch Handoff.png

New character: Monkey!

They've invited a new friend to play! The Monkey is the brainchild of our artist Fabio.

  • Outfit: Letterman jacket

  • Outfit: Chef hat

  • Outfit: Backpack

2018-08-03 Monkeydance.gif

New level: Nuclear Plant!

If you thought the Pyramid or Iceberg were far from home, I think our cast of characters has you beat. They've ventured pretty far this time, to a Nuclear Plant with a giant elevator that brings them up to where they've placed the flag. The emphasis is on placing blocks that have to be avoided while being forced to move upward, like in the gif below:


New level: Crumbling Bridge!

This level is almost fully destructible, made of crumbling blocks that get more and more deteriorated as the game goes on. Pay special attention to the soundtrack, which was recorded with live instruments including the târ, daf, tombak, bendir, tambourine, violin, guitars, balalaika and multiple bamboo whistles.

2018-08-03 Screenshot17.png

New level: The Mainframe!

This level features a path that changes every time you run through it. A ton of interesting planning and friend-bothering mechanics can happen in this level... just don't ask how the animals got in there...

2018-08-01 Screenshot16.png

New block: Boxing glove!

This punching block gets triggered if it gets jumped on, hit by an arrow, hit by a tennis ball, or even hit by another punching block. This can make for some really interesting combinations of things, including infinite punching loops and other fun disasters waiting to happen.


New block: Crumbling block!

This crumbling block can be jumped on a certain number of times before it falls apart. I guess this is what happens when animals glue together pieces of rock that they found lying around?


New block: Slowatch!

This pick-up slows time so that you can perform all of your daring platforming moves with extra precision.

(thanks Farmhands for the name!)

Improvement (Feature?): Introducing... The uPad!

After using a physical rule-book for a while, the animals decided to take advantage of technological advances and upgrade to a tablet that they call the uPad, which can be used to control all of the settings in the game. They found that with the increasing possibilities of what can be done in Ultimate Chicken Horse, it would be nice to have easier, clearer access and a fancy new tablet.

2018-08-03 uPad.png

New feature: Block probabilities!

They also wanted more ways to customize their games, so they've invented a few. First, the ability has been added to change the block probabilities that show up in the Party Box, as many people have requested. You can turn items on and off as well, or simply change their probability. For super pro users you can click the % button to see the actual percent probability that they show up in the average Party Box. 

2018-08-03 Block Probabilities.png

New Feature: Point value customization!

Sometimes changing the original game rules isn't enough to completely customize your experience, so now you can also change the point values for each type of point in the game! Some of these change with the pre-made rule presets, but you can choose to tweak or change any of these values to make interesting game dynamics. Also, you can add points for coming second, third and fourth! Think of the possibilities...

New Feature: Game rule presets!

Sometimes the original game rules just don't suit your animaley needs. Well, now you can make your own game rules! Using block probabilities as well as many rule settings, you can save presets to play the style of game you want. You can also try out some of the animals' new modes that they've created if you want some inspiration:

  • Limitless

  • Parkour

  • Race

  • Ultimate Loser

2018-08-03 Custom Rules.png

New Feature: Round Time Limit

Added a Round Time Limit setting to limit the length of the run phase. All players that have not reached the flag when the timer reaches 0 will be killed.

New feature: Camera Toggle

Press both rotate buttons to toggle between following only local players or all players with the camera.

Party Box Algorithm Update

Their Party Box has been the same for a long time now, and the animals' new Monkey friend suggested that they shake it up a bit. The Party Box now has what should be a better algorithm to better predict what blocks are necessary or unnecessary based on the level situation (number of blocks, size of blocks, difficulty of blocks, etc.). This isn't a change that many people will notice on the surface, but it's an important one to help the game survive for (animal) generations to come.


Here are some important improvements that the game has received. Some of these are solutions to issues that the community has talked about, some are things that have been on the to-do list for a while but there hasn't been time to work on them, and some are new things that were discovered in playing the game since the Elephantastic Update.

  • Eliminated snagging when sliding on ice over seams between blocks.

  • Running over single-block gaps is now more consistent and smooth.

  • LevelNET computer now remembers the last page you had open after you return to the treehouse.

  • AFK auto-kick time setting is now saved between game sessions.

  • Sped up the countdown that shows up at the beginning of Challenge mode with more than 1 player.

  • Holding A instead of tapping at the beginning of Challenge mode will cause your character to jump immediately when the timer starts.

  • The gear, diagonal mover and long distance horizontal mover can now spawn with pre-attached glue in the party box.

  • Reduced jitter and increased stability when players stand on moving platforms.

  • Custom level portals now show the level author's name at the bottom.

  • Level name, author and code are now shown on the loading screen and on the scoreboard when playing custom levels.

  • When the game is time-limited in minutes, the last 3 rounds will enforce time limits for both the placement and run phases.

  • When hit with an object such as the wrecking ball, animals will get violently ejected in a way that is slightly more physically accurate.

  • Updated to Unity 5.6.5p1. This may reduce or increase random crashes for all users.

  • Made it easier to jump through a 1-block wide gap in a floor or ceiling without snagging.

  • Made it easier to jump or wallslide into a 2-block high gap in a wall without snagging.

  • It is no longer possible to move the Blank Level's start zone into the attack range of spinning saws, wrecking balls, black holes and punching plants.

  • Character will now more consistently catch coins embedded in 1-block wide gaps.

  • Added cursor acceleration for controllers.

  • Walking over a Crossbow in a 1-block wide gap no longer causes snagging.

  • If you miss an unlock, it'll remain available in the same level when you return to the treehouse.

  • Fixed an issue where jumping as you land could result in a smaller jump than normal.

  • Cursors can now go slightly outside of the placeable area when using a controller, allowing you to reach the same positions that are possible with a mouse.

  • You can no longer stand on invisible ledges in the treehouse.

  • The host can now instantly kick any player, only in the treehouse. In-game, kicks still work by vote.

  • Fan wind now blows through barbed wire and coins once placed.

  • Clients can now change the music, ambience and background in Free Play mode.

  • Hockey Shooter, Punching Plant and Goal block: the non-physical part of the block can now overlap with other blocks.

  • Updated Old Mansion start positions slightly so that the players closest to the stairs don't snag on the first step if they try to jump right away.

  • Modified Wrecking Ball and Spinning Saw so they can't be placed directly underneath the start zone and cause an instant kill.

Bug Fixes

Ah, bugs. Every game developer's favourite thing in the world. Well, there have been a ton of bug fixes and these were the major ones that we felt we should share with you. 

  • It is now (once again) possible to scoot underneath barbed wire.

  • Fixed some situations where a player could get dragged by a moving platform that's moving away from them.

  • Fixed another issue that could cause extra time to be added when resetting too fast in Challenge mode.

  • Fixed an issue where a broken goal block would appear when loading custom levels based on the Blank Level

  • Fixed an issue where arrows would sometimes not teleport if they remembered the teleporter from a past life

  • Fixed an issue that could cause leaderboards not to display for certain levels.

  • Sideways punching plants will now properly hit characters in the face, even if they're crouched.

  • Fixed a hang that could happen when multiple people pressed "Return to Treehouse" from the Challenge scoreboard.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause hockey pucks to traverse the empty space between the atoms of a player's body and not hit them.

  • Fixed an issue that could kick you back to the main menu with a "You have been kicked by the host" message upon trying to join a game.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause blocks highlighted in red to linger in the level when using bombs in laggy conditions.

  • It is now possible to select the Windmill background and ambience in Blank Level

  • Fixed players spawning directly on the surfboard in Pier when using Shared Controller Couch.

  • A character can no longer get pushed or teleported way outside the level bounds and survive.

  • Fixed an issue where a custom level based on Blank Level would load with errors if the level's original goal block was deleted.

  • Fixed an issue that could allow players to place blocks in forbidden places by rapidly pressing the rotate buttons or shifting the cursor while placing.

  • Fixed an issue where glue that is connecting two objects could slow down players.

  • Fixed an issue where pausing while teleporting allowed you to gain a few split-seconds in Challenge mode.

  • (Non-Steam only) Fixed an exploit that could result in a failed run counting as a valid time in Challenge mode when the internet connection is unstable

  • (PS4 Only) Fixed issue that could cause a controller to stop functioning if the player using it went AFK and got kicked

  • (Xbox One Only) Fixed issue that prevented saving levels locally if the game was never connected to the internet.

Known Issues

  • Known issue: "A New Friend Appears" unlocks for the second character you unlock instead of the first. We kept it that way because the achievement/trophy icon is of that second character!

  • (Switch Only) Known issue: There is a certain probability that the game will crash upon returning to the Treehouse after playing a match in Shared Controller mode. A fix for this is coming in a patch that we will publish asap. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • (Switch Only) Known issue: If the game’s language is set to German, there is a high probability that the game will crash upon returning to the Treehouse after playing a match. The current workaround is to select another display language in the main menu, but a fix will be coming in a patch asap. Apologies to our German players!