Instructions for Finding saveData.UCH

1. For Mac and Linux computers navigate to the following folder and go to step 4.
mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Clever Endeavour Games/Ultimate Chicken Horse/
linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Clever Endeavour Games/Ultimate Chicken Horse/

In Windows, press Windows Key + r to open the "Run" window.

2017-12-18 16_40_18-SaveFile — Clever Endeavour Games.png

2. Paste the following in the "Open" field:
%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Clever Endeavour Games\Ultimate Chicken Horse

3. Press Open.

4. Find the saveData.uch file and copy it to your desktop

2017-12-18 16_44_04-Ultimate Chicken Horse.png

5. Create an email to with the subject line of your bug report.

6. Attach the  saveData.uch file to your email and send it to us.