Fixes to Common Problems

Welcome to the Clever Endeavour Games support page! Here you'll find answers to the most common support issues, and you can contact us for support as well. If you're looking for answers to more general questions, check out our FAQ.

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0. Need to send us your output log or save file but now sure where to find it?


  • You reported a bug somewhere (by email, on Discord, etc.) and we asked you to send a file to us.


1. Always get the message "Can't connect to Unity Relay Server"


  • You're having trouble connecting to online games, and you either receive this message or keep getting disconnected. This is likely caused by something interfering with your network connection.


  • Please check this article for an idea of the wide number of things that could cause this issue

2. Game gets stuck at Main Menu on Start (Windows)


  • The game starts, the splash screens load, and then you are simply stuck at the main menu. This seems to be caused by missing Visual C++ Redistributables on Windows systems. Steam is set up to automatically install these packages, but in some cases this seems to fail.


3. Game won't start (Windows)


  • Right-click on the steam game in your library-> Go to Properties -> Local Files Tab -> Browse Local Files

  • Right click on the UltimateChickenHorse.exe and go to properties.

  • Go to the Compatibility tab

  • Set the game to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode

  • Try running the game again

  • If that doesn't work, on the same tab, try checking the box "Override High DPI scaling behaviour"

  • Try running the game again

4. Something is generally weird or buggy


  • Things look or act weird, and it's upsetting. This could be caused by a data corruption, by an error in installation, or something else.


5. Controller doesn't work (Windows)


  • Your controller isn't working with Windows. Many people have many different controllers, and we use a plugin called InControl to try to accommodate as many controllers as possible. Unfortunately, some controllers still don't work natively with our game.


  • Use to emulate a controller in the game. This should work with a huge number of controllers and allow you to customize controller inputs to fit your needs. If not, there is other third-party software which emulates controllers.

6. Fast Sounding Audio

Solution: This can be fixed by changing some windows audio settings.

  • Search for "Sound" in the Start menu, open the sound control panel.

  • Go to "Properties"

  • Go to Advanced Tab

  • Change the Dropdown to 48000hz instead of 192000hz

7. Game won't start + no audio (Linux)


8. The game won't start, computer might not be powerful enough

Solution: You can force Ultimate Chicken Horse to start in Low quality mode using by

  • Right clicking on Ultimate Chicken Horse in your Steam Library.

  • Go to Properties

  • Click "Set Launch Options"

  • Write: " -screen-quality 2 " into the Launch Options (without the quotes)

  • Start the game!

9. If you see a black screen or a tiny window appear but can't maximize or see the game (Windows only, Graphics related)


  • You might see that the game was working before, but not working now. This seemed to happen most often when people tried to play the game connected to a different display, than tried to switch to a different display configuration.


  • This solution involves deleting the Unity Game preferences from the Windows registry. These registry entries don't get changed when you reinstall the game, so deleting them and forcing them to be remade might help fix your problem. Especially if the game worked in the past, but doesn't work now.

  • Be extremely careful when doing registry edits. Make a backup before these changes to protected your self against mistakes:

  • We're going to try to delete the player preferences installed to your registry by our game, then restart the game. So:

1. Press the Windows key
2. Type "regedit" and Registry Editor should pop up... click on that. It might ask for administrator permission.
3. On the left side, open the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" folder, then "SOFTWARE", then "Clever Endeavour Games" as shown in this image
4. Right click on "Ultimate Chicken Horse" and press delete. It'll ask if you want to delete all keys, press yes. 
5. Next time you start the game this folder will rebuild itself, and it might fix the problem you are having.

10. Game Crashing after updating to Windows 10 Creator update


  • Right click Ultimate Chicken Horse in your Steam library and select Properties

  • Under General, click Set Launch Options

  • In the box, write: -force-d3d11

  • Click OK and Close

  • Run the game

11.Game doesn't let you Play Online (Windows)


  • Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer.

  • Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

  • Click the Security tab.

  • Reset all zones to default level.

  • Click on Apply.

  • Click Ok.

  • Restart computer

12. Game won't start on Linux


  • Adding the following line to the launch options might help:

  • LD_PRELOAD=~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/amd64/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ %command%

  • If none of those fixes work. Please email us via our support form on this page with your output log files attached. Instructions for getting that file are available at

13. G-sync causes low FPS

Solution: Adding "-window-mode exclusive" to the launch options.

  • Right-click the game in Steam

  • Choose "Properties"

  • Click the "Set Launch Options..." button

  • Type or paste "-window-mode exclusive" (without the quotes) into the box.

If none of these fixes work, please fill out the form below and please attach your output log where possible. Instructions for getting that file are available at