Newest Member of the Ultimate Chicken Horse Family!

Today we reveal our newest character, joining our Ultimate Chicken Horse gang! The lean, mean, jumping machine has arrived:

The chameleon was designed with help from a Kickstarter backer and has come a long way since the first sketches we drew. You'll notice a colour change when the character is dancing; this is extremely important for survival as restricting a chameleon's colour change would dampen its high energy and awesomeness.

As you likely know by know, all of the characters have the same physical abilities, but we try to give them personality through their design and animations. Our artist hand-draws every single frame of the animal's animation, and the result is a very smooth, fluid movement.

The production is going smoothly, we're still bashing our heads (mostly Alex's head) against online multiplayer, and we're producing new content like this wonderful little chameleon creature.

Put the game on your Steam Wishlist now and your life will be wonderful!