Montreal Science Center - Game On!

This week, Clever Endeavour participated in an expo called Game On, which showcases the history of video games and lets museum-goers try every console they've ever (or never) heard of. Alongside this, Clever Endeavour was able to set up for a couple of days to showcase Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Considering we were showing the game during the day (11am-4pm), the majority of the players were families and children, not what we might think of as typical "gamers". This was especially nice because there have always been fewer children than the adults playing the game at shows, and it allows us to see how intuitive the game is. That being said, a lot of the young kids picked it up quicker than the average adult... makes me feel old.

This expo also came at a nice time, as we're going to be at PAX Prime in a couple of weeks. Next week there will be a bigger article about that, but if you've been following our Twitter or Facebook you would know that we'll be there!

It was nice to test some of the stuff we've been working on before PAX. We've been balancing the party box in party mode, working on the single player part of the game, and working on some other design stuff that we won't bore you with now.

We learned that some of the stuff we had set up for the party box needed to be tweaked, and we learned about some strange bugs which we must have created over the course of the last few weeks. What some non-game-developer people don't realize about games is that as a general rule, whenever you introduce something new, you break something old. No one truly knows why.

Anyway we're working it out, and you can expect a longer article next week about our PAX prep, as we're going full steam ahead on that.

Keep following, keep tweeting, keep spreading the word folks! :)