Twas The Day Before Launch...

And not a creature stirred. Actually, many creatures stirred. Namely, the three developers on our game Ultimate Chicken Horse. We're stirring quite a bit to have as smooth a launch as possible, and it's a pretty intense experience.

The local game is playable, fun, and ready to rock, but the online multiplayer is still in a bit of a beta state. I know this is a disappointment to some, but on the bright side it will be functional and we'll have it up and perfect in no time. Our estimation in how long it would take to code was simply too low... but on the bright side, the main game on Steam is still the awesome thing you were expecting. We're finishing up the online stuff but you can access it in the beta branch on Steam by following these instructions.

Spoiler: it's not too easy!

Spoiler: it's not too easy!

We'll be the first ones to admit that we're not as ready as we would like to be, and that when we delayed the launch, we probably should have delayed it further. We made a mistake in picking this date without the estimation experience to know that it would bite us, but in life we need to make mistakes to learn. At the end of the day we think our game is super fun, and plan to let this mark the beginning of our relationship with players who will receive new content after launch. We don't think players will be disappointed with the game they're getting when they buy Ultimate Chicken Horse, and we think they'll be impressed when they see what we have coming.

Why aren't we delaying the launch again? Good question. First of all, we want to get the game in the hands of the people who have been waiting for it, even without a fully bug-free online branch. Second, press and YouTubers and streamers are already playing the game and are ready to launch their info / reviews / videos on March 4th. We don't want to miss the opportunity by having videos made and have the game not be available for purchase. As long as the world knows that the online is there and that a better version is coming, we should be fine. 

In more positive news though, our new launch trailer is ready to roll, but you'll have to be patient and wait until tomorrow to see it! Hence the name "launch trailer"!

We hope that the community will be with us in the continued development of the game; there are certain features that we'd like to include and we plan to do so as soon as we launch. The online multiplayer is almost ready, and the next step is the Sandbox mode which we promised during Kickstarter, where players can free build and (ideally) share their levels that they've created.