A New Artist Appears!

Today we have the proud honour of introducing the newest member of our team, Fabio Grisi! Fabio is an artist who will be helping us with all sorts of stuff: 2D assets and animation, 3D art, video work, and surely other art tasks that come up for Ultimate Chicken Horse and future projects. 

Just to give a quick show of his awesomeness, this is the video he made as an application for the job here at Clever Endeavour:

We should take a second to thank all of the other applicants, some of whom were truly amazing as well! At the end of the day, we felt that Fabio's skills would be the best fit for the team given our current situation and size. 

Fabio comes from Brazil, and moved to Canada four years ago to work in the game development world. He's a multi-talented artist who also makes music videos on his YouTube channel Mini Music... who knows, maybe there will be ukelele in our next game?

All in all, we're super happy to have him on the team and look forward to the future as a team of 5 people, up from the original three co-founders that we were when Ultimate Chicken Horse launched on Steam.

You can also check out his art on his ArtStation page: