Ultimate Chicken Horse Change Log (All Platforms)

Ultimate Chicken Horse V1.6.061 - 2019-06-20

All Platforms

  • Turning into a Ghost will keep the Challenge Mode timer running until you give up or fall into a pit, allowing your dead body to complete the Challenge

  • Fixed bug with Dead Hop that could cause a 0:00:00 time to be recorded in Challenge Mode

  • Fixed bug that allowed respawning characters to trigger coin pickup from a distance

  • Fixed an issue with shift-rotated platforms moving incorrectly when placed

  • Prevented way tiny characters from being stuck at the edge of the blank level

  • Prevented players from placing goal and end blocks on blank level in such a way they are no longer selectable

  • Fixed an issue that allowed host and client to have different modifier presets loaded

  • Fixed a bug that allowed respawning in challenge mode

  • Prevented scoreboard from being stuck on

  • Allowed players to cancel placement of blocks that are unplaceable, but also ignore bounds in Free Play

  • Fixed bug that allowed colliding crouching characters to make each other fly, or die

  • Improved unlock system to better handle players who have played various maps online, before working on their own unlocks

  • Ensured that level unlocks are removed for players who leave the lobby

  • Fixed Doomsday modifiers reset during challenge mode

  • Fixed Doomsday modifier reset when used with Shared Controller Couch

  • Fixed Doomsday sound effects not being controlled by in-game volume settings

  • Prevented paper airplanes from permanently disabling teleporters

  • Made falling crumbling blocks and projectile explosions pause, so they can't be exploited in challenge mode

PC Only

  • Added Czech community translation

  • Fixed some issues with online invites not working on Steam

  • Prevented a double cursor bug related to invites

Ultimate Chicken Horse V1.6.050 - 2019-03-27 (Transformidable Hotfix)


  • Improved the diagonal input on analogue controls sticks, so it better matches the result of holding up and sideways on keyboard.

  • Jetpack dispenser will be infinite, instead of only 4 jetpacks per round.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused all of the blocks in the level collapsing into 1 spot, the game lagging, and sometimes crashing. Caused in online games by all clients leaving the game.

  • Fixed jetpacking upwards into certain ceilings or blocks killing you. This is most notable in the underground area of Jungle Temple.

  • Fixed Characters getting pushed up into blocks or ceilings have their colliders set to crouch, making them 1 block high, allowing them to sometimes fit in places they shouldn't in certain complex modifier + level designs.

  • Fixed certain combinations of Ghosts, and deaths that led to the UI not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed Dead bodies being duplicating when retrying in challenge levels with the Ghosts modifier turned on, leading to levels filled with bodies and system slowdown.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a player couldn't pick up a jetpack from a jetpack dispenser.

  • Prevent Dead Hop after holding B to retry in challenge levels.

  • Fixed an issue with a certain special characters in save file names.

  • Fixed issue with crumbling blocks saving in an incorrect save state

  • Fixed Doomsday sound effects not being controlled by in-game volume settings

  • Prevented dying from resetting the retry indicator in challenge mode

  • Fixed a bug with blocks that were targeted with duplication highlighting afterwards

  • Fixed an issue with multiplayer + challenge time + deadhop being completely inaccurate

  • Fixed issue allowing arrows and other projectiles to pass through dead bodies

  • Allow mirroring of punching flowers and ensured they save correctly now

  • Fixed some issues with German localization overlapping in some UI

  • Fixed an issue that prevent crouched characters from picking up coins

  • Fixed a bug where some indestructible blocks would not connect to each other with the indestructible connector

  • Prevent teleporters from re-teleporting characters after a respawn

  • Prevented characters from respawning in start zone if it is covered with doomsday lava

  • Fixed bug that allowed some blocks to be attached to the endzone in the blank level

  • Fixed the camera jumping around when a non-local player finished the level, but the local users had local player only view enabled

  • Fixed the Parkour Preset so that it doesn`t contain any traps as intended

Ultimate Chicken Horse Version 1.6.040 2019-03-04 (Transformidable Update!)


  • Skins! You can now unlock alternate costumes for all 9 animals!

  • Modifiers! Create unique challenges and game modes with 20 modifiers: Gravity, Jump Strength, Multi Jump, Player Collisions, Walljumps Disabled, Move Speed, Game Speed, Frictionless Mode, Post-death behaviour (Zombie, Ghost or Dead Hop), Character Size, Jetpack Mode, Invisibility, Dance Invincibility, Moving Block Speed, Projectile Rate of Fire, Projectile Speed, Projectile Explosions, Mirror Level, Doomsday Meteors and Doomsday Lava

  • New Items: Jetpack and Jetpack Dispenser.

  • New Paintbrush tool to change the color set pieces after they've been placed in Free Play mode

  • The treehouse now has a Random level selection sign to the right of the well

  • Respawns: Grant each player a number of lives and then choose to respawn automatically when you die or manually by holding the Retry button

  • New Party Box Modes: Standard, Disabled, Auto-Pick

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improvement: Many blocks can now be both rotated AND flipped. Hold the Sprint button while pressing the flip/rotate buttons to use the other transformation. Flip the spinning saw! Rotate the hockey puck shooter!

  • Improvement: Double Party Box can now be enabled for any number of players

  • Improvement: Crumbling block damage can be selected in the inventory book in Free Play mode

  • Improvement: Crumbling blocks will now be restored to their original damage level when resetting in Free Play mode to make it easier to build and test challenge levels

  • Improvement: Getting kicked from AFK will no longer bar you from re-entering a lobby

  • Fixed issues with underground computer screen not being restored properly upon return to treehouse

  • Fixed graphical and input issues with tablet screen transitions and scrolling

  • Fixed issue with Twitch integration sometimes showing "Connection successful" when there is no connection

  • Fixed an issue where pausing while using the wardrobe could cause a floating cursor to appear

  • Fixed issue with arrows and other projectiles sometimes disappearing in mid-air after a few rounds

  • Fixed issue where animals could fall into the party button and become trapped under it

  • Fixed potential infinite loop when creating a custom level in Nuclear Plant

  • Fixed issues where the incorrect Music and Ambient track names were displayed in the Inventory book after loading a custom level in Free Play

  • Fixed an exploit that could be used to cause moving blocks not to move in Challenge Mode

  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect placeholder text to be used when sharing a Challenge Time via Twitter

  • Fixed an issue where the Start and Goal zones could be made to overlap in Free Play, or could overlap with hazards

  • Fixed issue that allowed a moving hockey puck shooter to hit itself if it was moving fast enough

  • Fixed issue that allowed the Jungle Temple boulder to sometimes crush animals without touching them

  • Made the scoreboard harder to spam during gameplay; dead players can no longer bring up the scoreboard while other players are running

  • Fixed issue with level thumbnails failing to download or display correctly in the underground computer

  • Fixed multiple issues with the Keyboard Configuration menu of the tablet not saving or loading bindings for some actions

  • Fixed an issue that could cause doors to drift away from the play area in Free Play mode

  • Fixed an issue that allowed animals to glitch-jump into a 1 block gap

  • Fixed the spawn location of unlock boxes in some levels

  • Fixed an issue that caused ice to display behind the wrecking ball anchor

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to get an AFK warning and get kicked even if the AFK timer is turned off on the host

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Raccoon's tie to flicker

  • Updated character crouching animation to reduce visual delay when landing and crouching at the same time

  • Fixed issue with cursor name visibility setting no longer working

  • Animal corpses can now be teleported as long as they are in movement

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed auto-fire controllers to do super-jumps

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Jungle Temple boulder not to respawn in Free Play

  • Fixed an issue that prevented controller users from scooting under certain obstacles as fast as keyboard users

  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to zoom in on the wrong level portal when a level loads in the treehouse

  • Fixed an issue that caused leftover milliseconds to display when the sudden death timer completes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong rotation to be saved for barbed wire when re-saving a level multiple times

  • Fixed an issue that could make it hard to highlight a piece of glue with the cursor

  • Fixed an issue where the blinking text caret would not appear when renaming a level in the underground computer

  • Fixed an issue that allowed animals to be launched by a spring after scooting underneath it

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to upload custom levels without a goal block

  • Fixed an exploit that could cause the Challenge timer to start delayed

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the yellow glue indicators from displaying

  • Fixed an issue that could cause crumbling blocks to be damaged after the level has been reset

  • Reminder: Contra was way too hard

Ultimate Chicken Horse V1.5.064 - Released to PS4, Switch and PC on 2018-11-13

  • Performance optimizations that could help throughout the game

  • Reduced memory usage of text

  • Upgrade to Unity Engine version 2017

  • Upgraded Wwise Audio Engine to version 2018

  • Fixed Spectator position in blank level

  • Fixed unintentionally deadly part of Jungle temple

  • Allow players to click usernames to open profiles on Steam, XB1 and PS4

  • Fixed the main menu announcement image failing to load correctly in some cases

  • Fixed art layer order issue on Jungle Temple

  • Prevent linear saw blade from being glued to things

  • [Switch] Allow players without Nintendo Online Subscription access to the LevelNet

  • [Switch] Fixed various crashes throughout the game

  • [Switch] Video Capture has been enabled

Ultimate Chicken Horse Version 1.5.061 2018-09-28

  • (PC) Re-enabled a backend setting to allow the quality setting to function correctly.

  • Optimized Mainframe performance

  • Prevent glue and ice placement in a few spots it isn't allowed

  • Prevent players from rejoining your lobby once they have been kicked.

  • Improved the visibility of Upblower on most levels

  • Fixed more glue stickiness bugs

  • Fixed some issues with Sudden Death when using the shared controller couch

  • Fixed the alignment of some art on rooftops so that wall jumping matches with it better.

  • More teleporter improvements( especially around when it is blocked and unblocked by objects)

  • Fixed a font issue with Turkish

  • (PC, PS4, XB1) Fixed unlock issue that prevented new levels from unlocking naturally, and some monkey outfits from unlocking.

Known issue:

  • Usernames cannot be clicked to show the user's profile.

  • (Switch) The patch on the Nintendo Switch was submitted before the issues seen at launch were known. As such the current patch will not address them. The patching process with Nintendo can be lengthy, but we are actively addressing them. We thank you for your patience in the meantime.

  • (Switch) Unlocks for final 3 levels may not load into levels as they are supposed to. Workaround: use the cheat code Y Y X X Y Y R/SR to unlock everything in the game in the treehouse

  • (Switch) The game will sometimes crash when joining an online lobby or during transitions between the treehouse and other levels. If you notice any crash or freeze that occurs outside these situations, please feel free to let us know.

  • Due to a slight mismatch between the Switch and PC versions, when players from both systems play together and exactly 14 out of the 15 available stages are unlocked, the 14th level will differ. PC players will see Nuclear Plant as unlocked and Switch players will see Mainframe as unlocked. This will only cause issues during the level vote process, but the game will proceed normally otherwise. The host will not see votes for a level they don't have unlocked.


V1.5.056 - 2018-09-25 (01.05 PS4)

- See the Chimply Amazing Update page for details on all of the changes.

V1.4.163 - 2018-01-11 (01.03 PS4)

- Fixed a save issue that prevented secondary players from unlocking levels, characters and outfits
- The scoreboard button has been moved from L3 to the touchpad (PS4 Only)
- Fixed an issue in Challenge mode that could cause time from the previous attempt to be added to the next attempt when resetting too fast
- Fixed an issue where coins would reset improperly in Free Play mode
- Fixed an issue where a player's controls could become frozen if the outfit selection dialog was open while transitioning into a level
- Fixed an issue that could prevent a player from getting a cursor upon joining an online lobby
- Fixed an issue that could make the game hang at the loading screen when starting a new game from the main menu
- Minor layout and UI tweaks for LevelNET computer
- Pressure trigger spikes can no longer be activated by teleporting players before the teleport has completed
- Fixed a discrepancy with the contribution of certain blocks to the share size limit
- Fixed an issue that could cause in-level unlock boxes to fail to open
- Fixed some minor audio bugs
- Potentially fixed loading custom Levels on 32-bit computers. (Steam Only)
- Fixed various issues related to Twitch integration (Steam Only)

V1.4.162 - 2017-12-19

- Fixed an issue that could result in all progress being wiped if the player starts a new game less than 5 seconds after the Main Menu opens
- Fixed "Easy" filter returning Hard levels in Underground Computer
- Fixed an issue that could lead to a corrupted upload when uploading a level name containing certain unusual Unicode characters
- Fixed an issue that could cause the game to hang at the loading screen upon return to the treehouse
- Layout tweaks on lobby search results and Underground Computer
- Fixed a glitch that could cause the game physics to slow down after a transition
- Language fixes for German and Italian
- Fixed missing characters in Chinese font
- Twitch Votes now work for all languages at once, not just the language the game is set to.

V1.4.162 - 2017-12-18 (01.02 PS4)

- Fixed an issue that could result in all progress being wiped if the player starts a new game less than 5 seconds after the Main Menu opens
- Fixed "Easy" filter returning Hard levels in Underground Computer
- Fixed an issue that could lead to a corrupted upload when uploading a level name containing certain unusual Unicode characters
- Fixed an issue that could cause the game to hang at the loading screen upon return to the treehouse
- Layout tweaks on lobby search results and Underground Computer
- Fixed a glitch that could cause the game physics to slow down after a transition
- Language fixes for German and Italian
- Fixed missing characters in Chinese font

1.4.161 2017-12-12

Over 200 different bug fixes and improvements. Too many to list!
New character: The Elephant
New levels: The Jungle Temple and The Volcano
New blocks:
- Paper Airplane Thrower: Launches paper airplanes that you can ride on. Watch out, they're fragile!
- Wrecking Ball: A big, swinging metal ball on a chain.
- Up-Blower: A gigantic fan with the power to push players around. 
- Pressure Trigger Spikes: Stepping on the trigger will activate a hidden set of spikes.
- Gear: A small, rotating block. Unlike the rotating tire, the gear rotates smoothly.
- Scaffolding: A simple static block but with a gap in the middle. 
- Long distance and diagonal movers: The blocks move back and forth on their tracks to give you more movement options.
New Outfits: Each animal has new outfits and each outfit, including existing ones, has a bunch of colour variations.
Improvements to Free Play Mode:
- New set piece blocks which remain fixed and can't be destroyed in other game modes. They come in all sorts of colours
- New level borders to help define your level's boundaries
- Customize the background and level music
- After saving your level, you can now switch directly to another game mode to play it
New game mode: Challenge Mode
- Compete to get the fastest time in user-generated levels
- Global leaderboards
- Play alone or compete together as a team
- If a level has coins, try to collect them all for an extra challenge
Lobby Codes: After creating an online lobby, you can view the lobby options in the menu or by selecting the computer in the treehouse to view your lobby's code. Give this code to your friends to make it easy for them to join your game!
Improved level loader: Levels can be sorted and searched to make it easier to find something you'll want to play. There is also now a rotating selection of hand-picked featured levels.
Party Mode: in two-player games, you will get an extra party box each round to help keep the pace of the game up.
Limited Cross-play support: Players on all platforms will be able to enjoy the levels created by anyone on any platform. Players on Steam and on PS4 will be able to play together LIVE!