Ultimate Chicken Horse Launches on Nintendo Switch with the
Chimply Amazing Update!

Ultimate Chicken Horse launches on Nintendo Switch September 25th, 2018 with the Chimply Amazing Update! A new Monkey character, new levels, new blocks, and game rule customization options are coming to all platforms with this major update.

Check out the trailer here.


The build-as-you-play mechanic in this critically acclaimed party platformer has already seduced nearly 1M players who bought the game. As Ultimate Chicken Horse makes the highly anticipated jump to Nintendo Switch, the Clever Endeavour team is looking forward to welcoming a new audience and bringing exciting new ways to play to all of their fans. While the star of this update is the new Monkey character, the experience will also be expanded with three levels that have unique mechanics - the Mainframe, the Crumbling Bridge, and the Nuclear Plant - as well as three new block types: gradually crumbling blocks, player-activated punching blocks, and a “slowatch” pick-up that slows down time to allow for precision platforming. Even the most seasoned players will find the game to be revitalized by the new extensive rule customization system, with the possibility to select specific blocks and tweak their probabilities, change the value of awarded points, or limit the duration of rounds and matches to raise the stakes. Players can then save their preferred configurations as presets.

Moreover, the influx of new players will benefit everyone by populating the game’s online multiplayer servers, with crossplay between Switch and PC, and PS4 and PC.


The Ultimate Chicken Horse story has been a long-term, somewhat unconventional endeavour. After launching in March 2016 on Steam, the game’s success has led to its continuous development for over two years, the studio has grown from three co-founders to a team of six, and the community has had steady growth since the launch of the game. It could be argued that more content has been put in the game since launch than the content in the game before launch, yet the game didn’t pass through early access. Continuous feedback, iteration, community ideas, and design inspiration has kept the game growing in a somewhat unconventional development cycle.


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About Clever Endeavour Games

Clever Endeavour Games is a Montreal based studio made up of six people, committed to making games that focus on unique mechanics and bring people together. Ultimate Chicken Horse is their first title, and launched in March 2016 on Steam followed by releases on XboxOne and PS4 in December 2017.