New Website and New Lobby!

Hello people of the internet! Want to know what's going on in Ultimate Chicken Horse? Well, we've got a few things happening. We've been working to set up our new website, working on a new lobby, and working on online multiplayer (still).

First off, the new website! Why are we switching? A few reasons, actually. Our current site started to slow down when we had a big influx of people around PAX Prime, and we also realized that it wasn't the simplest to set up our page with a store.

We realize it's odd to show a picture of our new website on our new website, but this post was on the old site as well so.... yeah.

We shouldn't say that setting up a store with the old setup wasn't simple, but it wasn't necessarily cost effective to do it through the many services we'd have to use, and we would never have the ability to have super high traffic. The worst thing that could happen is that the game launches and all of the sudden our site crashes.

So, all that to say expect a new site that looks cooler and has a functional shop in the next little while! :)

This was our old lobby. Wonderful? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. Functional? Yes! Expandable? No.

The problem with this old lobby was that although it looks great with four levels and four characters, there was no way it was going to hold up when we have 8 characters and 12 levels, plus more options.

With this new design, we have room for levels and more room to expand if need be, to add new levels and we have (hidden) spots for new characters as well. The lobby is still fully playable, and to access game options you can go to a specific area and press 'A'. Of course the duplicates you see here will all be new levels, and the strangely coloured characters will be other characters.

In other news, we're going to be testing the game tonight along with some new systems that we'll talk about next week (if they work and don't explode of course). Stay tuned!