Starting to Plug In Consoles, Lots of Bug Fixes

Hi everyone!

Back this week with a short update, since 2/4 of us are away and there isn't that much new stuff to update with. Kyler is away on his honeymoon and we're all jealous from the pictures we've been receiving, and Alex is away for part of the week for American Thanksgiving. 

Consoles! Well, not this console. But we've finally plugged in our dev kits and are starting to figure out how to get the game running on them. Throughout the development process, we probably won't be able to share a lot of information because of non-disclosure agreements and because who we're working with and where we're at won't be public info. Apologies for that, but wanted to let you know that it's going to be a long-ish process and we're working on it!

Next up, we did some patches recently that fixed some things and it looks like they broke a bunch of other things. We're short-staffed this week as we mentioned, but we're working on those patches as quickly as possible.

We uncovered a few things that might have caused other bugs as well, so we're looking to do real fixes as opposed to slapping band-aids on the problems (which is never a good solution for any problem, unless that problem is that you cut yourself).

See you next week!