Musical Odyssey and More Bug Fixes!

Hello again!

This week's dev blog sees some talk about a musical odyssey and fixing more bugs (yes, more bugs).

Musical Odyssey!

Tomorrow night is the Video Game Musical Odyssey at the Maison Symphonique (House of Symphony?) here in Montreal. The event is going to feature a live orchestra with members from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra playing a selection of video game music. We're lucky enough to be among some really heavy hitters, and the music being played will be an orchestral version of our Pyramid level from Ultimate Chicken Horse. Just to name a few of the scores:

• Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed
• WB Games – Batman Arkham Origins
• Eidos-Montréal – Thief
• Eidos-Montréal – Deus Ex Human Revolution
• BioWare – Dragon Age Inquisition
• BioWare – Mass Effect 3

Along with a bunch of other indies, we'll each have a track or two played at the concert. Should be awesome! You can get tickets here if you're interested:

We're pretty excited, and we're going a sort of company dinner Christmas-ish type celebration beforehand, so that should be nice.

Bug Fixes (as usual)

So we've been fixing bugs as well, as usual. One of the things we're learning with game development is that even when you think you're done with a bug fix, it will find a way to come back somehow.

We've started to work on console development but we're still hammering away at the game as well, making progress on some hard-to-solve bugs and doing what we can to improve the quality of the user experience in the game.

More updates soon!