Some Deeper Bug Fixing and More Console Stuff

Hi again! Short update this week, as not much new stuff is going on right now.

First, we're still fixing bugs (as always, it seems), but I think our approach is a little more complete this time. Not that we had been simply bandaging bugs beforehand, but some of the stuff that we're working on now should help prevent many other small bugs that we've seen. 

For example, almost all of the online issues have been caused by slow internet, and it's very hard to figure out their cause when we can't test in a variety of different places with different hardware and different internet connections. Some solutions that we've been working on go deeper that the typical bug fix; we actually look at how, for example, all players join a lobby and what steps need to take place on the client and the host's computer without being out of sync.

The bug fixes we're working on now will help the game more stable long term so we can focus on adding new stuff, console development, and other things.

Beyond that, we're working on getting the consoles running and are making some progress. Can't speak too much about it yet but hopefully there will be more word soon :)