Some Bug Fixes, YouTube, and Going to PAX!

Hello children of the internet!

We've got a few updates this week, including improvements to the online mode of Ultimate Chicken Horse, some big YouTube videos, and the announcement that we're going to PAX.

Bug Fixes


First off we wanted to talk about a few bugs that we've squashed recently in preparation for a new build which should be going up very soon. The most important, which I guess isn't a bug really, is the face that you no longer need port forwarding to play UCH! Hooray!

We've done a lot of work on the connection side of things, trying to make sure that we can reproduce bugs that people are having due to being far apart. The more we work on it though, the less issues people seem to be reporting, so that's a good sign.


Another thing we're working on are server lists. Once this is ready to roll, it means that you can search online for matches and won't need to have friends who play the game to be able to start a match. This is obviously a huge advancement as well, and should help tremendously. It's not quite "matchmaking" because the games aren't matched based on skill, but we can implement that later on. 

YouTube Videos Aplenty!

Next up we've got a bunch of YouTube videos.  The one I embedded above is one by SeaNanners, a YouTuber who has 5.5M subscribers. That's pretty crazy, and it's exciting to see that some of the biggest YouTube gamers are picking up the game.

That's not all though... if you're looking for some more UCH entertainment, there's plenty:

It's super encouraging for us to see all of this activity, and to see the comments on these videos! Everyone seems to love them and asks for more, so let's hope the bug fixes can keep up with the hype!

Also, fun fact, we've reached over 7 million views on YouTube (of people playing our game)! That's awesome.

Going to PAX!

In case you missed it, we're going to PAX East as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH this year! Apparently we didn't make it into their video, but oh well. Being part of the MEGABOOTH is a huge opportunity as it tend to attract a ton of content creators and press. 

Really excited for this, so if you're heading down to Boston on April 22nd for this awesome event be sure to check us out! More on PAX prep next week probably, we're scrambling to get everything done and prepped in time, while still trying to push out consistent bug fixes and add new stuff to the game. 

See you all soon! :)