May Game Development Update

We’re back! Well, we never left. But we have another update.

It’s been a year (and three days, fine…) since our Kickstarter for Ultimate Chicken Horse was funded! First of all, a huge thanks again all of our backers for their support. And thanks to you non-backers who have stayed interested regardless of Kickstarter. Without these backers and this community support, this game wouldn’t be what it is today and wouldn’t have a community of wonderful creative people making crazy stuff like this:

So what’s new in the last month, in terms of game development?

  • Wider search regions (so that more games will show up)
  • Bigger buffer in disconnect time so that it’s less likely you’ll get booted if someone’s internet slows down
  • Public games in progress will show up in the lobby list, so that you can see if there’s a game that will soon be joinable
  • Networked sudden death: in case of a tie, the game no longer freaks out
  • Networked outfits: still a bit buggy but you should be able to see your friends’ outfits in online play
  • Controller bug fixes
  • Emotes and chat! Info in our blog post here

…and much more. For the list of changes, see the Steam forum Update Log here.

As you can see, almost all of the changes are bug fixes and improvements to the online mode. We’re working now toward bringing the online Beta out of beta and making sure that the game is as bug free as possible before adding more content (which we’re super excited for) and starting on console ports.

We were also at PAX East since the last update, which was another great show. It’s awesome to meet fans (or future fans) and to meet content creators and press, and see how much fun everyone has with the game. See more about PAX on our blog

Lastly, but not leastly, we came out on NVIDIA SHIELD! Their marketing folks were super helpful and now, if you have a SHIELD, you can play in your living room with their Android.TV box. Very cool stuff!

Alright actually lastly, we have an update about the YouTube hype we’ve been getting. We just got a video from Pewdiepie! If you don’t know who he is, you should. He basically owns YouTube.

We’re now up to over 23 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube of people watching other people play the game. That’s freaking awesome.

Till next time!