Short Development Update

Hey friends!

Short update this week, just wanted to let you know what we're up to in our work on Ultimate Chicken Horse. First and foremost, we want to make sure that we're squashing all of the bugs in the online multiplayer. We're working toward bringing the online beta out of beta, so the first step is to address the obvious problems. Then we'll do some serious testing, and launch it officially. 

Right now we're working on a few things. The sudden death mode (when two players tie at the end of the game) hasn't been networked until now (until soon, we should say). We also fixed the character outfits that weren't appearing in-game; when someone else wore an outfit it appear in the lobby but would disappear once you started your match. Another thing we're working on, more hastily than otherwise due to popular demand, is a chat system and emotes. We'll talk more about those next week, and our next update should have a bunch of fixes as well as the emotes.

Beyond that we've worked a bit on the stability of the online play, and random disconnects should be happening less often. Let us know if you're still experiencing these!

Updates coming soon! :)