Online Updates and Features!

This week I'd like to talk about the new stuff that we've put in Ultimate Chicken Horse, which should help make the online experience much smoother.

The first big improvement is that when a player leaves the game, it no longer kicks everyone out. Previously, even if someone (who wasn't the host) left, the game would end and you wouldn't necessarily know what happened to kick you out. 

Next, we've added the ability to mute players, and to kick them from the Treehouse lobby or from the game. This mute feature is something that people have been asking for because, as we know, online players can sometimes get a little inappropriate. 

We've also re-made sure that the animal outfits are working in the online play, which had some issues previously. Oh and we fixed the networked audio bug so that all of the character and item sounds should be properly synced. 

Beyond that, just some bug fixes that you won't necessarily notice but were definitely in need of fixing. Then, the next step is to finish fixing all of the bugs and bring the online Beta out of Beta! Looks like it's coming soon, then we can start working on some more game content. Yay!