New Employee, Bug Fixing, New Block Sneak Peek!

Hello friends!

Every month, on the third Thursday of the month, we do a big update to our newsletter subscribers, Kickstarter backers, etc. We’ll loop our blog readers in with the same info to update you as well about the company and about the game, Ultimate Chicken Horse.

As you may have read last week, we’ve expanded! We’re excited to introduce you to Ben, our newest programmer addition.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, we recently had our game discounted as part of the Steam Summer Sale at the end of June, and it did really well! The discount helped us make a ton more sales than usual, and our community is growing and becoming stronger. We’ve got about 250 active users at all times which is pretty impressive for our scale of game and the number of sales we’ve made, and we expect that to continue increasing as we continue to add content and fixes to the game.

Speaking of which, what’s going on in the game?

The first (not very obvious) thing is that we’re constantly making updates which make the online play more stable and make the connections more reliable. We’re getting toward the end of the bugs with the online play, and will start to add more content once those bugs are all squashed. Part of the complication arises from the fact that the problems are sometimes server-based, sometimes based on a player with a poor connection, and sometimes due to mistakes that we’ve made, but it’s hard to know the cause of some of the issues we’ve been seeing.

Next thing we’ve been working on is some Twitch integration with the game, which will allow Twitch streamers to better interact with their audience, and vice versa. The Twitch integration is part of the bigger Sandbox Mode plan but it’s been Ben’s first task and looks like it’s going to be really fun to play around with.

Despite focusing most of our energy on streamlining the online experience, we have started a bit of new content, and here’s a super super early teaser for one of the next block / platform concepts. It’s actually getting close to finished, but this was an early sketch and we won’t reveal too much until our next big content push (cause mystery is appealing ya know?).

We’re hoping we can blow through the rest of the bugs pretty quickly, and we’re excited to get into more production and work on the Sandbox Mode. Then will come console ports, and we should start working on our next game at the same time.

Next week might be an article, might be a quick update, we’ll see where we’re at!