Twitch Integration is Coming to UCH!

Updates! All the updates!

Today we're going to introduce a feature that we've talked about a bit but have never discussed in detail: Twitch integration. For those of you that don't know, Twitch is a streaming platform where people play games and often interact with their communities. Many game developers (like us!) work to add things into our games that can help that interaction.


What we've added to Ultimate Chicken Horse is the ability to have fans / viewers choose platforms that will show up in the Party Box. The Party Box is what pops up to give players the platforms they can use to build the level, but now we can add blocks chosen by you, the fans! 

The way it works is that throughout the game, viewers can type in block names: (blackhole, spinningsaw, glue, etc.) into the Twitch chat and those will be added to the vote count at the side of the screen. The blocks that were most highly voted for will show up in the Party Box with the Twitch symbol next to it, and the streamer can use that. When the block is placed, it shows all of the people who chose that block, and the round begins.

Twitch is an extremely important part of video content creation for video games, and we're hoping that once we roll out the feature and do some outreach to streamers who have already shown interest in the game, we'll start to see a lot of Twitch streamers playing the game and interacting with their communities. If you're a streamer and are reading this, please get in touch and we might be giving early access to the feature to some people for testing :)