Artist Interviews and Career Fair

Hi everyone!

So this week has been packed with the reviewing of artist applications and a bunch of interviews. We were still getting applications until the 25th (when the applications closed), and continue to get them even though the window is meant to be closed.

Doing art interviews was an interesting experience that none of us had ever done before; trying to get a feel for a person's way of working, aspirations, and personality in a formal interview setting is a difficult thing to do, so we're learning as employers how to do this.

We also included an art test (which we won't talk about because there are other applicants who still need to take it). An art test is a short task given to the person applying for the job that gives interviewers a sense of their ability to fit with a given style, to work under a time constraint and to present their work in a meaningful way.

We're still going through applications and figuring things out, but hopefully we'll have a new member of Clever Endeavour Games soon!

Next up, I wanted to mention that Rich (the person writing this) was invited to a career fair at a local high school to talk about the company / my job.  I'm pretty excited to introduce grade 10-11 students to the jobs in the game industry and explain why it's so awesome. 

I often rant to other people (friends, family) about how amazing the industry and how many opportunities there are, so I'm really happy to be able to share that with people who are looking to open their minds to different career paths. There's room to go in-depth with this, but I'll end it here and maybe report back next week.