Console Certification Troubles and Updated Professional Services

Hello friends! This month's update will cover console certification troubles and an update to our workflow / professional services.

Console Certification Troubles

As you might be aware, we still haven't announced a release date for Ultimate Chicken Horse on consoles. This is because we've been stuck in certification, and there's been a ton of back and forth with the platform holders (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) about issues and fixes. The majority of the issues we've had are minor, often silly things that weren't properly set up, were done according to some old documentation, or were never explained to us in the first place. Another issue with the process is the amount of time spent communicating. For every request, it seems to take 20 people to look at it, come up with a response, respond to it, and finally respond so that we can move to the next steps. 

That's what we all look like when we work, by the way.

That's what we all look like when we work, by the way.

As we work on fixing these console-specific things, we've also been improving general things in the game such as connectivity issues, user interface bugs, etc. The new content for our big mega upcoming update is pretty much ready, and we'll announce that stuff when we announce our launch date, once we pass certification.

Updated Professional Services

As part of our year end, we look at all of the things we do critically and try to improve ourselves in terms of efficiency and workflow. It's extremely important that companies, especially small businesses, evaluate the way they work and stay dynamic so that they don't end up with the excuse I have heard too often: "we do it this way because it's always been done this way".

Efficiency, by the way, isn't only about squeezing as much profit out of the company as possible (in case you were worried this sounded too business-ey). It's also about being able to create a work environment where partners and employees can come in and find what they need, know what tasks they are assigned, have the resources to get information easily, and all of the other stuff that makes for a happy work environment. 

2017-10-18 Efficiency.jpg

Part of that investigation involved looking at our project management tools and techniques, our folder structure, as well as the professional services we use (accounting, tax credits, payroll, etc.). We were able to do this through a few meetings, and then Rich (the business guy who is writing this and who isn't able to fix console bugs) was able to look into these things while the others were hammering away at console stuff.

That's all for this month, but we'll be back next month and hopefully we'll have a confirmed release date by then! Thanks for hangin' in there.