Almost There! We Hope.

As we've said in quite a few blog posts, we think that we're almost there. This console certification process is extremely long and painful, and new things keep popping up which weren't caught in previous certification rounds. 

2017-11-14 Wild Apears.jpg

This is kind of what this submission process has felt like. As you all know, we're trying to get the game out on console as soon as possible, and it feels like it's almost there, but we're at the mercy of the submission process so we can only keep fixing stuff and keep our fingers crossed. 

2017-11-14 Weightlifting.jpg

That's also what it feels like. But we're going to get there, and it's going to be glorious when we do.

In other news, we're hiring a part-time community manager at Clever Endeavour Games, and applications are only open until the 21st. Please tell anyone you know that might be interested in this position. This new person will be responsible for our social media and helping to grow our community as we move toward and beyond console release, as well as potentially working with us on future games. 


Apart from that, there's still a chance to sign up for the Ultimate Chicken Horse tournament this weekend by following this link. The tournament is run by fans, and is always a great time. Brush up on your skills and give it a shot!

More updates coming soon, fingers crossed on console updates!