Slowly Gearing Up for GDC and PAX

This year we'll be going to both GDC and PAX, and thankfully they didn't schedule them at the same time like a couple of years ago...

We had to book things like hotels (hostels actually) and flights a looong time ago to make sure they weren't insanely expensive, but this week and last week we've been doing a bunch of setup stuff for the two events.

Part of that involves setting up meeting with potential partners, other game developers, and console platform holders, and another part involves scheduling our time and figuring out which parties to go to. You'd think that going to parties is simple, but first you need to bug the right people for the right invites, then you need to decide which one(s) you're going to out of the billion parties that exist at GDC.

This year we're going with the whole team, including our newest member, Ben! In the past we've always sent two people to shows, but this time we thought we'd give ourselves a little gift and bring the whole team. This will make manning the IGF booth easier, and let us get to meetings and the expo floor and talks and such.

That's all for this week, more updates next week!