Summer Updates: Console Work and... Console Work.

Hey everyone! Back with another monthly update. The summer is finally getting warm up here in Montreal, and we're happy to have it.

Console work

We're still plugging away at the console version of Ultimate Chicken Horse and while the work is going well, it's slower than expected. There are a lot of things, as discussed in previous months, that have taken significantly longer than expected because of the complexity of the changes that had to be made to pass certification. We knew there would be changes to be made, and we knew that they might be rather large, and this is why we didn't promise a launch date before we're 100% sure we know everything that's involved for release.

The next step for us is pre-certification testing. Actually we've already done a first round, and they found a bunch of bugs and issues that needed fixing (which is good, because that's what they're supposed to do!) and we're working on those before starting a second round. This pre-certification test company basically tests the game in the same way that Sony (or other platform holders) might, and then tells us what things the game needs to do that it doesn't currently do.

Not going to shows

You might be curious as to why we haven't mentioned shows in a while, especially with PAX coming up, then Boston FIG, etc. Well, right now, we're still working on Ultimate Chicken Horse and we aren't showing our new content until the console launch happens, so we really don't have much to show! It's always fun to hang out with people and meet with fans, but we have too much work to justify going without new stuff to show.

Thinking of new game ideas

Although we've been busy, we've had a bit of time to discuss new game ideas. We have a ton to discuss, so we're going to do that before talking about anything to the public. We'd like to make sure we have a game that's at least good / interesting enough that we can get a good gauge of how people will react to it, so a mere idea isn't worth talking about yet. Once the console version is out, we'll be able to focus a bit more on the next project, and we might be able to talk about it depending on our PR plan. 


In other news, Ben was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and Rich will be going on vacation soon for a couple of weeks. Despite being busy, it's always necessary to take the time off that you need / deserve to make sure that you're healthy and happen while at work as well. Good mental and physical health leads to productive work, and that's something we promote heavily at our company.

That's all for now! Tweet at us with any questions or comments or concerns :)