PS4 and XboxOne are out, what now?

Hello friends!

We're back for another monthly update.

First of all, before everyone asks, we don't have a release date for the Switch yet. We're still working on testing, fixing things based on that testing, and certification with Nintendo. This process can be short or long, and we really have no way of knowing which one it'll be.


We launched the game on XboxOne and PS4 globally last month, and the reaction has been great. People are enjoying the game, and we've seen more players in the game than ever before (including new Steam players). There was, however, a save data issue that you may have encountered if you played on these systems. Because of that, we had to work hard to patch the game in the first two weeks of January. This slowed down some other work, but allowed us to fix the critical issues which were somehow missed in testing before console launch. These issues were patched for PS4 and XboxOne last week and this week, respectively.

One of the things I'd like to note is that there are still a ton of improvements we'd like to make to the game. Some of these are things that you won't notice immediately, like improved performance in the TreeHouse lobby, increased fidelity for connections, etc. These are things that will help with the Switch but will also apply to all versions of the game. There are plenty of content ideas as well, and we'll see what we can do and when.

2018-01-16 Fabio Drawing.jpg

As you can see, we're already working on new stuff, and hopefully you'll find out more about this content soon...

Thanks again for all your support!