Teasing New Content, Preset Contest Winner & More!

Hi friends!

We’ve got a bunch of fun stuff to share with you as we roll into the holidays, to enjoy some time in the snow… or some time in the warm shelter from the snow. But before we get to sipping hot chocolate and curling up under warm blankets, we’ve got to tell you what we’ve been working on…

Or maybe you can tell us. What’s going on here? What could this mean? What madness might come to you in the next Ultimate Chicken Horse update??

We’ve been… experimenting with things.

2018-12-20 SmallAnimals2.png

We’ll just leave those images there for your imagination, feel free to make noise about it online and try to figure it out… the only hint we’ll give you is that next update (no date confirmed yet for release) will have a whole bunch of wicked stuff in it.

Preset Contest Winner

As you may have seen last month, we set up a contest to submit your favourite rule preset for Ultimate Chicken Horse! We asked for what custom rules, point values, custom block probabilities, etc. that you use to create some interesting gameplay, and we had some fantastic submissions. Check out this video of some of the Clever Endeavour team trying out the preset!

After much playing, we found a winner! Congrats to @JaxDoesNintendo for their preset, “Sabotage”.

2018-12-20 Preset1.png

For instructions on how to set up this game mode, see the linked tweet here, and save the Preset so you can use it later!

Party Pack Promo!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’re part of the Multiplayer Party Pack on Steam, a collection of great local and online multiplayer games that will cause you to hate your friends just as much as Ultimate Chicken Horse does. Not only do you get a discount for buying the party pack together, but many of the games are on sale so the discount is even bigger! It’s honestly ridiculously cheap, and perfect for the holidays with family, friends, and soon-to-be enemies.

You can grab the party pack here.

Happy holidays everyone, hope you have a good one and we’ll see you in the future (2019)... I guess it won’t be the future when we see you. But you get it.

Much love,
The Clever Endeavour Team <3