Switch Update, Company Updates and Fun Links!

Hello friends!

We finally have news on the Switch! We submitted it to Nintendo certification, and we have absolutely no idea how long it will be until we pass. There were some bugs reported and changes that need to be made in the build before we can resubmit, and we're working to solve those issues as soon as possible. I know it's not the most encouraging and precise news, but at least it's a step in the right direction and we can assure you that the whole team has this as the number one priority. Normally this goes back and forth a few times until a game passes, so we're still at the start of this process.

We won't announce anything about the new stuff that's coming when Switch launches until we announce the launch date, and we won't do that before we pass certification. The reason for this is that people often announce dates early, then miss them because of unforeseen issues. We want to minimize that, so we're better off not say anything yet rather than telling you (potential) lies.

We’ve also started a new video series while trying to connect more with the community, and you can see two of the videos below. #AskTheDevs: Is a Hot-Dog a Sandwich? (and other questions), and some updates from our programmer Ben about changes we’re making to the game.

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Interesting Links and Things

We're also starting a new initiative where each member of the team shares a little something that piqued their interest in the last month. We tend to have really interesting conversations at lunch about all sorts of things, from science to movies to food to... well, everything really. Why not share some of that good stuff with you?

Ben wants to share with you that the United States may currently be in the process of revealing the truth about UFOs and alien life? He suggests that you start here.

On a lighter note, Alex wants you check out this recreation of the Transformers intro redone in stop-motion using toys.

As spring makes its way in, Rich (the hungry one of the bunch) thinks that you should check out this collection of burger recipes to spice up your barbecue life.

2018-04-16 Burger.jpg

Ever heard of McMansions? Thanks to Kyler, you have now. It’s pretty amazingly bad.

On a similar thread of tackiness and over-the-top design, Kate suggests to check out the ATBGE subreddit.

We found the process of sharing these to be pretty fun, and we'll try to keep doing them. Let us know what you think on our Discord or on Twitter!