Switch Update, New Team Member, Fan Art and more!

Hi friends!

We’re back this month for another update about what’s going on at Clever Endeavour Games. There are a few things to update about, so we’ll talk about the Switch, our new addition to the team (Geneviève!), fan art, and some links from the team.

But first, the Steam Summer Sale is officially on! Now would be a good time to grab that copy for a friend! :)

Switch Update

We’re still working on it! I know that you know that, and probably want more details. Well, we’re in the home stretch now and we’re waiting on a couple of content updates to be finalized before sending the game off to Nintendo for certification again. We think we’re close, and hopefully our next certification round will pass, but of course we never know what could go wrong or what could be dug up.

We do feel, however, that the changes we’ve made to the game regardless of the Switch port are going to be important in providing new fun to players, and expanding the possibilities of what can be done in our game on all platforms. Stay tuned, I promise that we’re working on it and getting things done as quickly as possible.

New Addition to the Team

Around a month and a half ago, our old community manager Kate Gray left to work full-time in narrative design, to pursue her dreams in the field she truly loves. Around a month ago, we hired a new employee full-time who’s going to take care of community management as well as QA, and she’s awesome.

If you’ve been hanging around in our Discord or following us on Twitter, you’ve surely interacted with her. She’s also been helping with making community videos, like this #AskClevEndeav video:

Along with the community management, we mentioned that she was responsible for QA. It’s the first time we’ve ever had someone in-house, and the amount of bugs found and feedback gathered is pretty monumental. Not only do we know most of the things that we have to fix, but we’re getting a better understanding of what the community actually thinks are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the game.

Fan Art

We’ve received some lovely new fan art that we wanted to feature here. It’s always amazing for us to see people dedicated enough to our game to take the time to create wonderful art, so check it out. This time we have a comic strip made by a dedicated Kickstarter backer and his son:

2018-06-21 Don Van Der Ahe2.jpg

If you want to submit your own fan art, send it to community@clevendeav.com and we’ll feature it on our website here. You can also share it on our Discord or Tweet at us and let us know if you want it featured!

Links from the Team

As we’ve done the last couple of months, we’ve got some fun links that have been shared by the team:

Kyler would like to share an amazing quadruped animation system:

While Alex has a slightly different animal video...

Fabio shares with us a showcase on how the internet is an ever-growing monster.

Genevieve reports on the fascinating interplay of art style, game audiences, genre literacy, and gameplay accessibility. "How could Gowland ensure the game was fun for the hardcore players that enjoy the genre, while still satisfying the sort of people that might be caught by the art style as they browse a digital store?"

2018-06-21 Access.jpg

From Ben: Linda Moulton Howe may be the world's foremost expert on animal mutilations attributed to the UFO phenomenon. Here's a good introductory talk on her life's work:

Lastly, Rich suggests that you watch a video that you haven't seen in a while. If you haven't seen it ever, your life has been lacking meaning and needs improving. Also, consider Narwhals and Kenya.