Fixes and Tweaks: Working on a Transformidable Patch

Hello Everybody,

It's been really exciting to see everyone play with the new update and modifiers. We've been monitoring the discord, the bug report system, Twitter, and other channels for all the bugs and problems that may exist in the Transformidable update.

We are working on fixing those issues in a small patch that will go out relatively soon, once we can do more internal QA and send it out for platform certification. We just wanted to list the things we are working to fix, and hopefully make sure we aren't missing anything significant that the community knows about.

  1. All of the blocks in the level collapsing into 1 spot, the game lagging, and sometimes crashing. Caused in online games by all clients leaving the game.

  2. Jetpacking upwards into certain ceilings or blocks will kill you. This is most notable in the underground area of Jungle Temple.

  3. Characters getting pushed up into blocks or ceilings have their colliders set to crouch, making them 1 block high, allowing them to sometimes fit in places they shouldn't in certain complex modifier + level designs.

  4. Dying in certain situations while playing with Ghosts and Respawns can be buggy, usually resulting in the UI not displaying correctly.

  5. Dead bodies are duplicated on retrying in challenge levels with the Ghosts modifier turned on, leading to levels filled with bodies, and terrible slowdown.

  6. An issue where sometimes a player couldn't pick up a jetpack from a jetpack dispenser.

  7. Improved the diagonal input on analogue controls sticks, so it better matches the result of holding up and sideways on keyboard.

  8. Prevent Dead Hop after holding B to retry in challenge levels.

  9. Fixed an issue with a certain special characters in save file names.

  10. Jetpack dispenser will be infinite, instead of only 4 jetpacks per round.

  11. Fixed issue with crumbling blocks saving in an incorrect save state

  12. Flower will no longer be mirrorable, as they don't save correctly in challenge levels, and it isn't required to use them as puzzle elements.

  13. Fixed Doomsday sound effects not being controlled by in-game volume settings.

    (more added late 2019-03-08)

  14. If you hold reset in challenge mode and die before fully reseting, you need to press reset again

  15. Targets of block duplication stay highlighted after duplication occurs.

    Cheers from the Clever Endeavour Team!