Introducing... the Black Hole of Doom

Or, just the black hole. But what an awesome inter-universal transport device it is. In our game, unfortunately, you never find out what’s in the universe through the black hole. Instead, you respawn and try to run through the level again.

Today we introduce the newest block on the… block? Uhh, the newest addition to our library of platforms for you to use to mess with your friends.

2015-11-12 Black Hole 1.gif

The black hole also gives you a warning as to how close you are to being sucked in, a nice visual effect that actually gives more feedback than you may think:

Clearly, our Raccoon is unphased by the near-death experience it’s currently experiencing. Then again if you’ve ever seen the game, most experiences are near-death experiences so…

Another interesting thing about the black hole is that it can actually help you as well! It can boost your jump and allow you to reach places you couldn’t have reached otherwise.

That jump wouldn’t have been possible without the black hole there! Amazing!

If you backed the Kickstarter at the tier where you get the Beta, you can play around with it now! If not, you can simply get excited about the fact that the amount of fun you’ll have with this game just keeps increasing :)

Thanks for tuning in!