Clever Endeavour Coming to PAX South!

Hello wonderful people of the web! So today we’re announcing that we’ll be going to PAX South! Now to find a plane ticket and hotel… or hostel… or floor… or park bench. Really excited about this, after our experience at PAX Prime was so wonderful.

PAX South is Jan 29-31 in San Antonio, Texas, hence this stereotypical image of a desert when talking about the state. We don’t expect it to be as big as PAX Prime, but we do expect it to be a fair bit bigger than it was last year.

We’ve apparently got a good placement and although there’s no MEGABOOTH, I hope people will be looking for us there (especially press). It will be expensive to go, but I think the pre-launch hype will be great and hopefully we’ll sell some shirts 

We might try to find some interesting things to do at the show in terms of promo and such, but we’ll keep you updated. Anyway, if you’re in the area, feel free to come chat with us and play some sweet UCH!