Rhyming Dev Update, So Festive and Great!

That time of year has come again,
The end of the year, and that time when
We celebrate with friends and fam,
We're all quite festive, I know I am.


But this blog post, it's safe to say,
Is meant to inform in a helpful way.
We update you, with all our news,
Before the break, and the new year's snooze.

First off, I'll say, we've got our new STORE!
With shirts, and hats, and maybe soon more!
Go have a look, in the spirit of gifts,
And think of the friends and the family you've missed.

So what's been new in this game studio?
Some travel plans, away from the snow.
But what, you ask, of game content?
It's going well, and an update is sent.

To those Beta backers, and lucky folk,
Who have early access, and tell us they're stoked
As much as we, for this game to come out,
But there's more to be done, we can't ship without.

Like levels and blocks and characters too,
There's much to see, so much is new!
But we won't quite reveal, all the details yet,
A video in January is a safer bet.

And those travel plans, we mentioned before?
We'll be in San Antonio, San Francisco and more!
After PAX South, we'll head to GDC,
On the West Coast then back to the East

To head down to Boston, at a PAX again,
With Ultimate Chicken Horse released by then,
Our time to snag all the last press,
Who missed the launch or aren't yet obsessed.

And in the game, we've got new things,
The Iceberg level, and all that it brings,
With falling blocks of snow and ice,
And a moving iceberg, you need be precise.

And with that, my lovely friends,
This rhyming update shall come to an end.
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