New Website! You're On It :)

We've got news! Short update this time, but hey, who's judging?

Re-designed, Re-hosted, Re-formatted Website

If you're reading this, it means you're on our new website already! That kind of has to be the case since our entire old website content is now on this one... BUT it's still newsworthy!

Some of the cool things that are on the new site include the store, the Ultimate Chicken Horse page, and the new blog format (which you're seeing right now). We've got limited stock in the store, but should be receiving a new shipment soon! Check it out!


The store is set up through Squarespace and Stripe, making our payments secure and easy to use. Squarespace is also hosting the website now, and we (supposedly) have unlimited bandwidth. This means that when our game launches and we have 30,000,000 people on the site, we won't have any problems.

New Game Content

We've also been working on some new content, which we're going to sum up in a video that we'll make in January. We're working on new levels, new characters, we fixed up the scoring system and worked on the user interface for it, changed the way the "creative" mode works (the non-party mode, but it's still a party!), and are still working on online multiplayer.

Here's Kyler working on a new level, but we won't reveal too much info about it until we do our video. It's getting busy and definitely starting to heat up as we approach our launch date in February, so stay tuned!