Our Experience at Boston FIG

On the road again… ♫

Feels like we were just in Seattle, a couple of weeks ago. Oh right, that’s cause we were! Well this past weekend we ventured down to Boston, a little closer to our hometown Montreal, to participate in the Boston FIG (Festival of Indie Games)

The FIG is quite a bit smaller than PAX Prime was (7,000 people compared to 70,000) but was still a lot of fun, and we actually had a chance to run around and play some of the other sweet games at the festival. It was quite crowded, and our booth was busy as usual 

The booth looked the same as it has at other festivals, so far it seems to be working alright! The reason we raise the TV is so that people who are standing behind the players can watch; we don’t like to discriminate against short people.

Next step is getting two 52″ TVs… ha. One day.

Oh, and we also won an award! Actually, we won two! Super honoured and thankful to be able to accept the awards for “Best in Show” and for “Audience Choice Award”! Great thanks to the folks who set up the show, and for the wonderful audience for loving our game!

We played some great games there, a couple of the most notable in my mind were the following:


Smorball is a typing game that uses words from old scanned images from the Smithsonian library and has you type them quickly to beat up robots.

Fat Mask

Fat mask is an awesome colour-matching multiplayer puzzle brawler speed game. Not sure how PaperCult pitches it, but it’s probably better than that. Anyway in Fat Mask, your goal is to match blocks of the same colours together. You pick them up and throw them at piles of a similar colour to create combos, then throw another block to confirm the group; this puts the number of points equal to the number of blocks into your score.

Many awesome games were played, lots of fun was had, and we really appreciate the FIG organizers for making such a sweet event every year.

Thanks, and look for more updates next week!