Working Hard on Online Multiplayer & Kickstarter Rewards!

Hello hello! Back again this week with a rather short update. We’re in full-on development mode, free from having to prepare for shows or press releases, and working hard with our heads down. A quick update now to shine light on what our three team members are doing.

Our programmer, Alex, has been working on online multiplayer. Unity, the game engine we use, recently put out an update and their network code has changed. Seeing as everything is new, there isn’t much documentation on it so there are very few solved problems. The process is going well though, and we have some basic functionality (i.e. one computer knows the other one exists, etc.).

Our artist, Kyler, has been working on the Kickstarter rewards where backers got to choose to design a level, design a block, or design a character. The character animations have a ton of frames and each one is hand-drawn, so this can take a while. We need to make sure to optimize cuteness and minimize time, and it’s a balance we’re learning.


The write of these blogs, Richard, has been doing all the other stuff. That’s generally what he does for the company. This includes filing taxes for the end of the month, figuring out marketing and PR strategy, starting the redesign of the company site, and cleaning up the game design document so that the rest of the team can refer to it if need be.

That’s all for this week! Next week, as usual, we’ll have another post!