Demo Night, Mini-Putt Egypt Level & Off to PAX South!

Hello world! This week we're posting one day early because we're going to Texas! Hooray! More on that later in the post.

First up we wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who came out to IGDA Demo night here in  Montreal last night. We had a great time showing Ultimate Chicken Horse again; the first time we showed the game to a large audience was exactly one year ago at the same event. Our little game-baby has grown up and now we got to show it at the end of production, which got a great response. Below is a pic from just before we started, with Rich facing the crowd of almost 600.

We showed some new features at demo night, including some new levels, blocks and characters. In case you missed the video update from last week, we wanted to dive a little more in-depth into one of our new levels, the Pyramid level

The level features a relatively closed off area where you can place sneaky traps, followed by a sphinx that stands up and lies down at intervals, which can mess with your placement of blocks and planning. You can also attach blocks to the sphinx for an even more intense end-of-level challenge.


We'll be showcasing the game at PAX South this weekend which should be really exciting. We'll also be on the Twitch stage so you can see us (I believe) on the front page of Twitch TV from 1:15-1:30 ET (if my time conversion is correct).

Fun fact, for those of you who don't know, Texas is huge! You probably knew that, but the climate is actually pretty varied, so as much as we make jokes about going to the desert, we're not actually going to the desert. Oh, it'll still be warm (especially by Canadian standards), but not likely to be sweltering and dry.

And so we're off! Alex and Richard are heading down while Kyler stays back with our contract artist, Louis, to continue working on the game. It's getting close!!!