Clever Endeavour's New Year Resolutions

We're entering the home stretch, the crunch time, the stress-inducing last month-and-a-half of production and we've got a lot to get done. Every day the game is becoming more complete, and every day we're closer to the product we want to deliver when we launch mid-to-late February.

We decided for this blog entry to write our New Year's resolutions as a company.

1. Finish Ultimate Chicken Horse, launch it, get as many people as possible to play it.

2. Be open to every opportunity that comes our way.

3. Establish the Clever Endeavour brand beyond Ultimate Chicken Horse.

4. Expand!  (Slightly)

5. Be responsible and plan for the future!

6. Make the #UltimateChickenHorse hashtag trend worldwide!

7. Prototype and find funding for our next project.


As you may or may not know, our team works in two week sprints (à la Agile Management). This sprint (which started Monday) will involve some localization work, level creation, character outfit creation, and hopefully finishing up online multiplayer.

Not too much to update just yet as we were off on vacation for a couple of weeks, but we're working hard!