+1 Artist! Welcoming Louis Sciannamblo

Quick development update from the team here at Clever Endeavour; we've been working to get Ultimate Chicken Horse done and decided it was time we had a little help. We've hired Louis Sciannamblo (of SpaceBro Justice Rocket fame) for the month of January to help us with some art.


As you can see, he's hard at work and focused :)

He's going to be helping us with character customization outfits, with some level art, and potentially with some promotional material for the game. Seeing as he's a great artist, we're also trying to pick his brain for ideas regarding the game trailer, art style, marketing, etc.

2016-01-13 ChameleonCapeJump.gif

Here's a WIP (work in progress) of the Chameleon with its cape, jumping and landing. These animations are really not simple, as every frame of animation is done by hand. This ends up being about 90 frames per character... and for each outfit, the piece needs to be drawn by hand... 90 times. If we plan seven characters with two pieces each, that makes 1,260 frames of animation.

Beyond that, he'll be helping out with the level backgrounds; right now there are not many elements in the backgrounds of levels, but if we can add some subtle things in the background it might help the feel and overall look of the game. 

I have no doubt that his work will be impeccable, as it always has been! See below for an awesome digital painting Louis did (for his own game, Poltergus):

That's all we've got for this week, there will be a nice video update coming soon that will give you some detail about how far we've come in the last few months. Stay tuned!