Free Play Mode, Snapshot Sharing & More!

Big news this week! We shared this info in our development newsletter and our Kickstarter campaign, so I thought I'd share on our blog as well.

Very soon, we'll be introducing two big, long-awaited new features into our game, Ultimate Chicken Horse: Free Play Mode and Snapshot Sharing.

What on earth is that thing?? Well, that's the beginning of a level made by Rich from Clever Endeavour, using the new Free Play Mode. In this new game mode, you can build freely without worrying about time restrictions, rules, points, winning, or even dying. Build the fantasmical creations of your dreams, and play online with friends or strangers to collaborate. 

But why spend so much time on this snapshot of a level if you can't even share it? YOU CAN.

When you're done building your snapshot level, you can get a shareable code when you pause the game. You can even do this while playing the regular game in Party Mode or Creative Mode, and get a snapshot code to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or wherever you'd like! You can also save your level locally and rename it. Then, you can take your friends' codes and try them out for yourself, modify them, play on them, whatever you please.

With this new feature, it'll be super easy to make level snapshots like the one you see above. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you know when this update drops, cause it's coming soon!

Also, happy almost-Halloween!