A few of the Coolest Ultimate Chicken Horse Levels from the Community

In case you didn't know, we recently went on sale for Midweek Madness and with that, we launched two new mega features: Level Sharing and Free Play Mode. You can read about this our last blog post, which also explains how to input custom levels into your own game.

Anyway, for this blog post, we decided to gather a few of the coolest level codes and share them with you. Of course, we didn't have a chance to see all of the levels made by Ultimate Chicken Horsers so we're sorry if you think yours deserved to be in here. 

194J-EZXT: Horse's Mega Windmill

This is the level from the Free Play & Level Sharing trailer, in case you didn't see it. Now you can try for yourself! And now a couple from the community...

9USY-4KJH: Maze, by @ZeroJustice21 (from Twitter)

This level features a bunch of choices, some easy and some hard, some deadly and some... well... also deadly. Not exceptionally difficult, but still requires a bit of practice to complete. But hey, there aren't "lives" in this game so you're good!

UMAM-879W: Panic at the Disco V2, by Heytheremrguy (from Steam)

This is an extremely hard level, made harder by the fact that you can't see all the time. It features precision jumps, lots of barbed wire, and lots of death. Hint: if you hold B (or backspace) to switch to build mode and back to run mode, the background light pattern will change.