Summer Sale, Soundtrack, Updates and More!

It's summer! Know how we know? The Steam summer sale is on and you can get Ultimate Chicken Horse 33% off right now, only during the summer sale. It's also super warm and pretty and wonderful, so that might be a hint as well. 

We've got a bunch of stuff happening in conjunction with the summer sale. First off is that we've got a new block! This is just a preview for some of the new content that we're adding to the game once the online is fully, fully, fully finished. The online is very functional but we haven't done the final formal quality assurance pass yet, so it's still technically in Beta.

So, new block! This one is a horizontal moving platform, which can have things glued on it and which you can use to make even more crazy, dastardly contraptions. We wanted to give a tease into some of the new content we'll be putting out soon.

Second, we're announcing the Ultimate Chicken Horse soundtrack, beautifully done by Vibe Avenue and recorded with live saxophones, flutes, guitars, trumpets, a banjo, and more.

We're selling the soundtrack packaged with the game as well, so if you don't have the game yet, the summer sale makes the combined OST (original soundtrack) and game under $15 USD.

Next up, we've got some big updates in the online multiplayer which should help make the experience much more seamless. Like we said, we're still technically in Beta but there's no longer two separate places to look for online vs local play, and you should see much less random disconnection. You should also now see why you've disconnected, whether it's due to a bad connection or a host leaving the game.

We've also got trading cards happening now, so now as you play the game, you'll get random card drops. You can then trade those cards, sell them on the market or turn them into gems. If you get all of the cards, they can craft them into a badge. When you craft a badge you get one emoticon, one background and sometimes a coupon for a random game. Right now you'll also get a summer sale card. You can craft the badge multiple times to increase its level and get more emoticons and backgrounds, which can also be sold or traded.

Pretty exciting stuff, so please spread the word about the new things and the summer sale! <3