New Placement Timer, Bug Tracking, and Summer Sale Results!

Hi everyone!

Quick development update about Ultimate Chicken Horse! The online mode is still technically in "Beta", but it's really really getting there. We have certain issues that we're not sure pertain to our own code or to server issues from Unity's servers, but we're trying to track everything down and we're getting close. 

The newest gameplay addition to UCH is the new placement timer. This is a timer that runs out during the placement phase, and if the time is up and you haven't placed, you lose your chance! The reason for this is to avoid the Mexican stand-off thing where a player with a bomb will wait for a player with an item and no one will place until the other one does. In online games, of course, the troll-factor can be high and this ends up being really annoying. This solution should fix it! Of course this is optional, but most games will have it.

This next point isn't super useful for most people, but is actually pretty significant for our development and will help us down the road. We now have a bug-tracking system more formally set up with a new software, and we should have a better handle on bugs that come up in the future and a better workflow in terms of fixing the already known existing ones.

In case you were wondering about the business side of things, the Steam summer sale went really really well! The community continues to grow and although we're in a constant race of how quickly we can fix things vs how quickly the community is growing, we think it's going splendidly. We know the game has the potential to keep growing and become a true household name in the world of party games, so we're still hard at it making sure that it'll get there.

See you next week!