Clever Endeavour Games is Hiring an Artist!

Greetings world!

We're on the hunt again, this time for a talented 2D / 3D artist that can join the Clever Endeavour team. If you know anyone who is looking, has a portfolio and lives in Montreal (or is willing to move here), please forward them the job posting listed here.

The decision to hire an artist has come from the demand for more content that we've seen from the community, and the success that we've had so far. 

Growing the team is not something to be taken lightly, as has been seen with the many warnings against scaling too quickly (link). It's important for us that we hire someone who is multi-faceted in their skills, someone who can grow with the company, and someone who will help shape the face of the company as we continue to exist. 

We're going to be posting the job on several places including Gamasutra, LinkedIn, Facebook and others but any help spreading the word (particularly to more insular art communities) would be much appreciated :)