Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

Rich here from Clever Endeavour to wish you a happy 2017 from the whole team! May it be wonderful and filled with joy and awesome video games. We're back at work this week after a nice Christmas week off with family, friends, and puppies. Well, in my case, puppy.

I went up north to a chalet, Kyler went to Alberta to visit family, and Alex and Ben stayed in Montreal and probably played a bunch of video games. What stuff did you play over Christmas? I played Hyper Light Drifter and DOOM, which is awesome. We'd be curious to know what you picked up or played (other than Ultimate Chicken Horse of course). Comments below!

Next up for Clever Endeavour we're going to be working on improvements, some new features, and console ports. We're working on all of these tracks at once, and had a meeting yesterday to discuss what features we wanted for our next big update. We won't release that info just yet, but we've got pretty big things coming. The console stuff is being a little frustrating (as it usually is) but we're pushing on and figuring things out.

More to come next week!